India based Specialist NVOCC – M/s SARJAK Container Lines has launched a concerted marketing drive to grow its African footprint.

The company, which specialises in containers for the movement of over-dimensional and out-of-gauge cargo, has identified Africa as a significant growth market.

In South Africa last week to promote the concept was Business Development Manager for Africa of SARJAK Lines , Mr. Arun Kumar Jaiswal , who told FTW that since his last visit in February 2013 , this year there had been a phenomenal 300% increase in product sales, indicating the fast-growing industry awareness and thirst for the special equipments.

SARJAK’s product portfolio encompasses a wide range of Open tops, Flat Racks and GP Boxes but SARJAK Super Specials encompasses 20’ & 40’ High Cube Hard Top Open Top boxes & Superracks, capable of accommodating a 44mt payload.

“We’re catering mainly to the mining, power, oil and gas, sugar and chemical industries,” Arun Jaiswal told to FTW in an interview with him, he further reiterated that “they are mainly catering to small and medium sized break bulk cargoes – imports and exports - for all trade lanes on their special equipment like Flat Rack (FR) and OT (Open Top) containers , which are an economical and faster solution for customers “.

Although SARJAK has been present in South Africa for approx four and a half years, they only started aggressively marketing the product last year and SARJAK’s market share has been steadily increasing.

“Most Shipping companies only ply ships, but generally do not have special equipment to supply to exporters, but since SARJAK can provide a range of equipment, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved in the supply chain ,” Mr. Jaiswal explained.

“Also fewer and fewer ship owners are offering break bulk services to East and West Africa and to other parts of the world,” Helen Martens of local agents Seaclad Maritime told FTW. “ But with SARJAK’s own fleet of flat racks and open tops, even if the cargo is Over Dimensional , the customers do not have to worry , as SARJAK can carry heavy parcels to most parts of the world across the globe – which means more and more opportunities for exporters and importers ” , she said.

SARJAK is catering to all major parts of the world, like China, India, Far East, South East Asia, Indian sub- continent, Europe & North West continent, West Asia & Middle East and all major East, West & Central African destinations.

“We are in the business of providing solutions for our clients,” Mr. Arun said.

Assuring the commitment to the Shipping Trade of South Africa, Mr. Arun affirmed that “ the company currently has approx 7000 containers scattered around the globe, with more than 200 special types containers in South Africa itself for uninterrupted supply to customers “ and he further continued that “ SARJAK is poised to increase their fleet of special containers in the recent years to come”.

Recently on 6th September, at a glittering function graced by luminaries from the logistics fraternity at the 4th All India Maritime and Logistics Award (MALA) 2013, SARJAK was handpicked by a jury comprising of thought leaders from the Indian logistics industry and awarded “NVOCC of the Year – Special Equipment” for the second consecutive year.



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