SARJAK is Principal Sponsor and Participates in BHP 2014


On 10, 11 and 12, April 2014, Goregaon Exhibition Centre, Mumbai was host to BHP 2014 - A red letter event on the calendar for logistics companies focused on the Break Bulk, Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding business verticals.

Sarjak Container Lines bagged the distinction of being the principal sponsor of this prestigious International Logistics Business Expo and Conference.

In keeping with its proud status as a "Leader of Tomorrow" SARJAK made its presence felt with a very impressive and innovative exhibition display that consisted of an exciting mix of structure, design and technology.

The SARJAK stall designed to replicate a SUPER RACK and a HIGH CUBE HARD TOP OPEN TOP CONTAINER, set the stage for a vibrant SARJAK buzz at the Expo, with its hard to miss and amazing real life look and finish.

Additionally, the SARJAK Corporate film was also launched to coincide with this event. The film with its exciting narration, dynamic visuals and a fact driven storyline truly brought alive the journey of SARJAK over the years.

Another highlight of the SARJAK stall was the 3D Mapping Technology - a unique first for the Indian Logistics industry at an exhibition - that was used to present a short and exciting story on SARJAK.

All these elements had the crowds surging towards the SARJAK stall, getting a chance to meet SARJAK representatives and also experience the impeccable SARJAK hospitality.

CEOs, key decision-makers, senior professionals, industry experts and even the general visitor were moved to comment positively on the entire presentation of brand SARJAK at BHP 2014.

What really added weight however to the SARJAK presence, was the gathering of every SARJAK agent from around the world at the venue. These were the SARJAK agents who were specially invited for the SARJAK GLOBAL RENDEZVOUS 2014.

This show of solidarity and strength of the entire SARJAK team who turned up at BHP 2014, enabled a one on one interaction with fellow SARJAKITES and also with other logistics business professionals at the venue. It truly gave SARJAK an opportunity to make a global statement on the quality of its network, its reach and its commitment.

From the walk in area where huge SARJAK banners caught the eye and the positioning bang near the entrance of a SARJAK SUPER RACK and CONTAINER displayed on a trailer, SARJAK successfully created an environment that brought about every corporate and service facet of SARJAK to the fore.

Said Mr. Ashish Sheth, Managing Director Sarjak Container Lines "BHP 2014 was a successful culmination of our year round endeavour of creating and building an exceptionally high visibility for brand SARJAK. It was a platform for us to reaffirm our commitment to our clients and also reassert our position as true leaders and innovators in Over Dimension Cargo handling in India and around the Globe. We now look forward to welcoming everyone to the next edition of BHP."




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